A Sacred Round on Stolen Ground: Decolonising your Magical Practice with Raphael Lavallee

A Sacred Round on Stolen Ground: Decolonising your Magical Practice with Raphael Lavallee
21 – 23 APRIL 2023
Private Dharug Land Wollemi Forest, NSW
Address given at registration, approx 30 min drive from Windsor.

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Come and join us,  deep in the Wollemi, where the Colo river flows,  the dragonflys dance and the Lyrebird sings.  Come dance by the fire, sing, create,  and connect.  Connect with this land, connect with community and open your mind

This workshop is an introduction to and exploration of decolonising your magical practice. Respecting the spirit of this ancient land; acknowledging the Traditional Owners and their kinship to the land, honouring Ancestors and Spirits of Place. Deep listening, respectfully connecting to country and being in active solidarity with First Nations communities and causes.

This intensive will include heartfelt discussion, deep listening and a “healing journey” ritual. This workshop is not a solution or a quick fix; this workshop’s intention is to better understand how colonisation has harmed and continues to harm Indigenous people and introduce ideas on how to decolonise your practices and ally with Indigenous people and causes.  Mostly we intend to create a safe space for open discussion and listening.

We will be staying two nights on the unceded lands of the Dharug people. As the traditional custodians of the land where venue is located, when we do this work we do so with great respect for the Elders, the Ancestors, peoples and lands of the Dharug people.

Who is this workshop for?

 This weekend intensive is intended for spiritual practitioners; witches, pagans, cunning folk, priestesses, spirit workers and anyone holding circles/ rituals/ creating sacred spaces or working with mysteries on the colonised, unceded lands of so-called Australia.

Your accommodation options include:
An Eco Bush Retreat  in a  private Wollemi valley,  hugged by mountains and on the banks of the Colo river.  Hot and cold running water, electricity,  toilet block,  a bathtub overlooking nature , indoor and outdoor shower.  Rustic accommodations with connection to the land in mind.  A fully immersive experience

  • A bunk house with several rooms. All shared rooms, (except for one queen bed with a single bed).
    Comfortable beds, with quality linens and duvets

  • Camping , A complete set up for you when you arrive,  Tent with a queen size mattress ,  quality linens and duvets
    • Spacious interior with the floor measuring 2.4m x 2.4m
    • Cabin like feel with high ceilings, plenty of ventilation

Option 1 Bunk house  $500
Option 2 Tent set up : $400

Includes all accommodation, workshops, all materials, all meals, catered to any dietary requirements you may have, and a lovingly created gift bag made with each participant in mind.

Pick up at Windsor train station can be arranged, Carpooling encouraged!

$100.00 non refundable deposit holds your spot, pay installments however you like. pay in full by 15th of March 2023

What to expect:
*Welcome ceremony by local First Nations People.
*Genuine and open conversations
* Ritual
*Art and craft
*Spell work
* campfire conversations and story telling
*Delicious and Nutritious home cooked meals, cater to any diet
*Gift bag worth over $100
*relaxation and good company

Your Teacher: Raphael Lavallee is a Ngarigo-Buhlung from the Ngarigo and Yuin nations. Ngarigo is their Grandmothers country, and Yuin is their Grandfathers country.

They are a Reclaiming Witch a WildWood Witch, a Priestess, artist, ritualist, a ceremony and law/lore keeper, meditation teacher, expressive and cultural arts therapist, experienced workshop facilitator and fat activist. Raphael holds an immense passion for the land and working with communities in respecting and honouring traditional owners, ancestors, and spirits of place. Their craft is a union of ancestral connection, their witchcraft traditions, their relationship to the land and their living ancestral threads within an embodied passionate expression of self.

what people are saying:

“A deeply inspiring and touching workshop. Raphael is full of knowledge, they have helped me to understand how to de-colonise, un-learn what we have been conditioned to believe and turn it into a new space to honour the land, asking for permission and give respects to land that we walk on. And how essential it is for us as witches to bring that knowledge into our craft.” – Dahlia Dahab

“Raphael has an amazingly powerful grounding energy. In their presence, I immediately feel calm, held & primed to experience and learn from a gentle yet fierce Priestess. The Decolonising Magical Practises workshop is essential and vital for everyone leading or participating in sacred spaces” – Natalie

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