Witchcraft - Art
Healing and Transformation

Through the process of creating, art has the power to both heal and reveal oneself. Art is a profound agent of transformation and provides guidance for the soul’s instinctive drive to heal itself.

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Welcome to Art of the Craft

Formally Dark Moon Healing Art Sydney, Now Art of the Craft focuses on building your power through exercising your creative muscles. You do not need to be an artist, or have any artistic tendencies to participate and manifest.

Classes and Retreats in Art, Meditation, and of course Witchcraft. Handmade magical items, such as incense and oils, as well as sourced high quality handmade items.

At Art of the Craft you will find an Emporium , Botanica, and Spiritual Centre. Unique handmade magical items such as Incense, Potions, Smudge sticks, Candles, and other Metaphysicial supplies.

All items are infused with intent, Each item is has been spell-crafted to give the user a specific result.

You can book a reading, tarot and/or bone reading, online or in person. Find a workshop, retreat, intuitive art classes, meditation circles, rituals and more. These activities are a great place to find community, with like minded individuals. A place of healing, a place to learn, and open your intuitive side.

Through these workshops you will engage your creativity. Engaging the creative process is also a way to stimulate your psychic ability. To nurture your intuitiveness and to enhance your mind to see beyond what is evident. The aim is to create a safe and sacred space to allow to continuation of self and spiritual discovery. 

Any of the activities are good for beginners, advanced, or even the mildly curious