Hi and Merry Meet! My name is Dawn, or Gaia of the Dark Moon, and I am an artist, intuitive  and eclectic  professional witch who lives, works and studies by the old ways, with a deep reverence for nature.
I was born and raised all over the New England area of the USA. My home is now in Australia. Currently I am a nomad and travel extensively throughout the world. Visiting spiritual places of power , learning as much as I can , teaching and creating.

I am an initiate in the Temple of Witchcraft, I fuse elements of scientific pantheism, animism, plant magick, and folk magic.    I am a root worker,   and a reader of the bones.

I am an artist, an art therapist, and a meditation teacher.  With these qualifications I creates unique art workshops designed to open your intuitiveness through the act of creating.

Through the process of creating, art has the power to both heal and reveal oneself. Art is a profound agent of transformation and provides guidance for the soul’s instinctive drive to heal itself.

My aim is to be a healer, intuitive and agent of transformation with her products, classes and rituals.

Bone Readings Or Tarot
$50 /half hour

Custom Spell
Includes a reading