Walking the Crooked Path… A Witchcraft Retreat

3 day weekend under the first quarter moon on Darug Country  
10 – 13 October 2024
Yanada Bush Retreat
Darug Country

Three nights and four days at the Yanada Bush Retreat,  Weaving comfort, magic and nature harmoniously to provide a restful and safe space.  an idyllic bush retreat, nestled in a glorious green valley between the McDonald River and the Yengo Mountains.

What you can expect from our retreat:

* Intensive daily workshops
* Rituals
* Crafting workshops
* Shamanic witchcraft
*drumming circles
* All supplies
* Delicious home-cooked meals throughout the retreat * Gift pack valued at over $100.

The accommodation includes:

  • Hotel-style accommodation. Luxurious king single beds,
  • 15m x 5m swimming pool to relax and unwind in.⁠
  • Hydrotherapy spa, to soothe your aching muscles
  • Bush walking trails.

and so much more!

Through ritual, crafting, and magic,  you will give yourself permission to explore paths, techniques, and integrate nature energies into your life and practice. You can begin to craft, or further enhance a crooked path that is unique to you.

Topics include:
* Energy work * Spell craft * * Sigils and Art making * Conjuring spirits * Cleansing and protection techniques *Ecstatic/trance dance * Potion making * Incense making and *herbal magick * Divination and scrying techniques *Moon phase magic *Nature magic

Walking the Crooked Path,  A Witchcraft Retreat aims to give you an overview of practices you may choose to add to or start your practice.   This Retreat is great for beginners who are looking for a starting place, and also for more seasoned practitioners to examine new perspectives and rejuvenate your craft.

The retreat fosters a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can share experiences, exchange knowledge, and forge lasting connections. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the craft, “Walking the Crooked Path” offers a welcoming space to explore the depths of witchcraft and embrace the magic within.

Four  bedrooms with 2 King Singles   – 1300 each participant
One Bedroom with 5 King singles – 1200 each participant

Your payment  includes all workshops,  supplies,  nutritious and delicious food,  and a lovingly created  gift bag

Non-refundable Deposit of $150  due at booking,  see terms and conditions for monthly payments 

Terms & Conditions including Refund & Cancelation Policy
Your position is not secured until your deposit has been paid & received. All payments are to be made into the nominated bank account.

Upon payment of the deposit, you are committing to entering into a monthly payment plan, of   equal monthly instalments of the balance remaining.

The first instalment will be due, a month after you have paid your deposit, with the final payment due in full no later than 6th September 2024, upon paying your deposit you are committing to paying the monthly instalments when they fall due, and ensuring the balance is paid in full by 6th September 2024 

Deposits are non-refundable.

If a retreat, workshop or event is cancelled by us (Art of the Craft & Cauldron & Co.) you will receive a full refund.

Course dates, details and locations subject to change.

I understand if I am unable to attend & my spot cannot be filled my payment will be refunded less $523  to cover retreat costs. If I advise I am unable to attend after 20th September (this is 4 weeks out from the retreat)  no monies will be refunded.